Hold on to your traffic - become a Betwatcher White Label Partner

Through our White Label Partnership, Betwatcher supply a fully managed betting accounting platform to match the identity of your existing website. We do the coding and maintenance; you do the promotion and keep your visitors happy and loyal, while offering one of the best betting accounting platforms available in the market!

Your own version of Betwatcher can be branded as you wish, and the design and layout can be modified to reflect your graphical identity, matching your existing website. As a White Label Partner, you have the opportunity to modify your own custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file, in order to create a look-and-feel resembling your own graphic profile.

The White Label Partnership will be operated as a stand-alone website, and can be setup either on a subdomain to your own domain name (ie http://accounting.yourdomain.com) or through a subdomain to the Betwatcher domain name (ie. http://yoursite.betwatcher.com).

Either way, your White Label of Betwatcher will be fully customized to reflect the design of your existing site, creating recognition and increasing loyalty.

What is Betwatcher?

Betwatcher is the most advanced, yet easy to use, betting accounting system in the market. The software has been developed on a web platform and is accessed online through a web address, meaning that it is available from everywhere - even in a "light" version easy accessible from mobile phones/PDAs. Our uptime is documented to >99,8%, making it virtually available 24/7.

Our software has been tailored to meet the needs of professional sports gamblers as well as leisure gamblers. During development a broad variety of gambling profiles has been involved in the process, ensuring that the platform suits all possible needs.

Whether the frequency of bets is high or low, any user profile can be modified personally to fit the exact needs of any gambler, making the accounting system an ultimate "assistant" in terms of analyzing every effort. Through the advanced statistics offered, any trend, tendency or streak can be measured and analyzed both in numbers and visually (charts, pies etc.).

Who can be a Betwatcher Partner?


If you run a sports betting website, you definitely have a share of users who like to track their own performance. And most likely you will also have a share of users for whom the registering of every single bet is essential, as they treat their betting as a mean of creating income, rather than just being a mean of leisure. In case you do not already supply them your own accounting system, integrated in your existing website, a fair share of your visitors are almost certainly keeping record of their bets either in a self-constructed Excel sheet, or through a betting accounting system away from your website. And why give them a reason to leave your site to do this?

When bets are not tracked, no light will be shed on the pitfalls, strengths and weaknesses in the persons betting patterns and habits. In this sense; if you run a website or a subsection in a website which is taking betting seriously, your target audience is also serious about their betting. Thus, their need for a flexible, easy-to-use accounting system is ever present, and as a Betwatcher White Label Partner you can now supply this within your own web universe.

How much does a White Label Partnership cost?

As we do all the development and maintenance, the White Label Partnership is established on a license structure, along with a small setup fee, for the setting up of custom CSS, DNS etc. The prices structure is flexible, and the monthly licensing fee depends on how many optional service features you want to be included in your custom version of the software. Ie. we offer different support levels, while you can also opt in for our "First Hand Contact", which means that we - instead of you - take care of all incoming requests, questions etc. from the users of your licensed platform.

The current price list can be requested on whitelabel@betwatcher.com.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, or want a demo access to the accounting system, please send an email to whitelabel@betwatcher.com.

We look forward to hear from you!